Developing a Sustainability Literacy PDF Print E-mail

As vague as the concept may seem to some, there are many who are making significant progress in pursuing sustainability for their countries/states/cities, businesses, NGOs or homes. To truly advance the concept, however, we need to develop sustainability literacy — for children and adults alike. There are some impressive efforts, discussed in Stories from the Frontline (coming soon), of ways in which early adopters are doing this for schools, colleges and universities. And there are also impressive stories from corporations, cities and countries.

Among the fun and engaging concepts for teachers and parents: Sustainable Schoolyards. These are more than just edible gardens; they are becoming the basis for educating children about science, math, nutrition and more. With a national epidemic of obesity, such gardens can be fun yet potent tools in helping children and their families understand healthy eating. Read more in our Stories from the Frontline and check out the links given under Resources.

What should you be doing to help expand this as literacy in your organization? Perhaps some of these stories will inspire new thoughts for you.

Part of growing literate populations is to help them visualize the changes that sustainability can bring about: seeing is believing, truly. There are new tools to help achieve this, under development, as highlighted in the corporate stories and tools section. As mapping tools advance, we will add them here for readers to see what a triple bottom line looks like. We’ve are also including videos or multimedia links in the Stories and on the Resource page, where available.